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Brad Cerutti - certified personal trainer in San FranciscoBraden Cerutti - certified personal trainer in boot camp at San Francisco's Kezar Stadium
Brad Cerutti

I am a nationally certified fitness trainer. With my two loves being fitness and the outdoors, the outdoor fitness boot camps and personal training was a natural progression. I started my fitness-training career with the standard in-gym one-on-one personal training, but after a while craved outdoor activity and found an opportunity to work and learn with San Francisco's oldest and best outdoor fitness company.

I am committed to creating workouts that challenge all fitness levels and to motivating everybody I train to strive their full fitness potential. Well-planned fitness programs that include resistance and aerobic training, combined with a healthy lifestyle, produces results that provide the motivation to show-up and workout regularly.

It is my responsibility to develop the workouts and to instruct and motivate. It is the client's responsibility to show up and try their best. Together, our hard work will produce a lifetime of results.

Other trainers

A number of trainers substitute when needed. All of them professionally qualified and trained in outdoor fitness.