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Group Fitness Classes

Are you tired of the same old, stuffy indoor gym workout? Need some added motivation or guidance? BodyCore offers daily outdoor fitness classes in San Francisco. We provide exciting, adventurous, and fun daily outdoor workouts ("boot camps"), for people who make health and fitness a priority in their lives. To increase physical fitness, we encourage our members to eat a healthy, whole foods diet and to exercise daily.

BodyCore classes meet outside to take advantage of the scenic beauty that San Francisco has to offer, free from musty gyms. Stunning sunrises and sunsets are the backdrop to the unique challenges that San Francisco's hills, stairs and parks offer us.

Sessions are built in 5-week sessions with 3-day a week and 5-day a week options. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are generally aerobic-focus days, but often include agility, balance, plyometric, endurance, and core exercises. Tuesdays and Thursdays are generally resistance training days, utilizing light weights and high repetitions, but can also include short bursts of aerobic activity, balance, core, and correct form.

Expert guidance and daily direction from a certified fitness trainer will help you know exactly what to do in order to achieve your specific goals, without the frustration of "on-again, off-again" expensive gym memberships. Contact Us to find out more about our group fitness classes.

Personal Training

Ready for a new gym experience? Try nature's original gym, outdoors in San Francisco. Need a workout plan specific to your needs? If you prefer a one-on-one relationship with a fitness trainer, BodyCore provides that — still outdoors, still gym-free, same great results. With more time to devote to you personally, our fitness trainers are able to better customize a workout routine specifically to meet your goals. Contact Us to find out more about our personal training services.

Whether in a group or personal setting, BodyCore provides results—teaching you to be healthier, happier, and more physically fit - for life! All you have to do is show up.